Start a Reseller Web Hosting Business

Who would have thought that setting up home based virtual web hosting business is not only very easy, for anyone, but it also provides an attractive way of establishing an extremely lucrative online business.

Furthermore the benefits of setting up a reseller web hosting business from home are so compelling that it is no wonder that so many people are generating a healthy sustainable income from this business model.

After reading the list of reasons below I am sure you will agree that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting your own home based reseller web hosting business.

10 Top Reasons For Starting Your Own Home Based Reseller Web Hosting Business

  1. Low start up costs – all that is required is a good computer & a place to work from like a study in your home
  2. Low operating & running costs – a good reseller plan with a reliable hosting provider will cost you less than $25 a month.
  3. Unlimited earning potential
  4. The capacity to host an unlimited amount of domains – in other words you won’t be limited to the amount of accounts (customers) you can set up on just one reseller account.
  5. Not limited by a certain geographical area – the whole world is your market
  6. No special internet or technical knowledge is required
  7. Customer support can be taken care of by your hosting provider in your name (with your branding)
  8. Quick & easy to set up & get started – you can get it operational & live on the internet in a day & start signing up customers in a day or so
  9. With a suitable hosting provider all the technical issues such as hardware & software maintenance, server up time, backups, upgrades etc will all be taken care of
  10. As a reseller you will get a web hosting management interface (WHM) from where you will be able to set up your hosting packages & pricing as well as manage all of your client’s accounts in terms of bandwidth, disk space and have the facility to terminate or suspend accounts for non-payment.

So as you can see the reseller web hosting concept offers you an easy-to-set-up business model from which you can generate a sustainable passive income for years to come…

… if you consider yourself a savvy entrepreneur you would be crazy not to take advantage of setting up a lucrative home based web hosting business.

With the massive worldwide demand for quality hosting services, you could either build an international client base or corner the market in the area where you live or a mix of the two.

To stand out from the rest of the hosting providers all you need to do is to differentiate yourself by offering some sort of value added service to the usual hosting package offering.